My secondary school

I go to Quest Academy in south Croydon. Everyone knows me I take part in a lot of activities after school: Such as:

Hairspray musical

Quest got talent

On Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays I have 7 lessons that day as the 7th is an enrichment program. On Wednesdays and Fridays I have 6 lessons such as:




religious studies




wood work

food tech



and many more.

I really miss WTPA as the teachers helped me through my 7 years at the school. I really miss you all.

love from

Hope Rowles xx


Secondary School…

I now go to Wilson’s School and I have to say, there is a MASSIVE difference between Primary and Secondary School. In Wilson’s, most of it is about independence, as I have to change between lessons in 5 minutes and remember everything, so that’s not too different. Also, I have to carry a bag full of books and loads of things everyday (whereas in West Thornton¬†I just carried a packed lunch), and there’s a huge difference of the weight of the bags. Another change is that I have to walk to the tram stop, which takes about 5 mins, get on the bus and get to school which takes about 20 mins, and then walk a bit more, which takes another 5 mins, totaling up to half an hour, and before it just took me a 5 mins walk. I also have a lot of subjects (about 15 in total) and I’m learning new things like German and the Oboe (which is an instrument) and me and the rest of Year 7 have already done one concert and we’re currently practicing for a new one in school as well! So I am coming across many new challenges and will have more to face in the future, but I hope that I can succeed at all. I am making many new friends on the way (and I am keeping my friends from West Thornton as well) and hope to see West Thornton in the future as well, with it’s many new improvements and additions. I think West Thornton and my teachers definitely have definitely prepared me for this and my future experiences.

My life so far,

As I have settled into my new secondary school, I have already made lots of new friends but I’m still keeping the ones from West Thornton, I already miss the school in fact. I had a lot of memories at school but there is a time to move on and develop as humans and I’m still adapting to my new school environment. It’s nothing like primary and you get tons more homework, but it is actually not as hard as West Thornton prepared me and I’m ready.

At home, I’m starting to pursue 3D GFX (Graphical Effects) and 3D VFX (Video Effects) and I am creating lots of masterpieces I will soon have to share as you hear from me. It might be a while as I don’t frequently post as I used to as I have school, which is challenging, but I will always give a challenge a go, and maybe I will succeed.

I’m learning various amounts of subjects in my curriculum which happens to be

  • English (Grammar and Language)
  • Drama (Theatre and Acting)
  • Maths
  • Music (Songs and Culture)
  • Science
  • Enterprise (Business etc.)
  • Physical Education (Body function and physical training)
  • Geography ( Environmental, Human, and Physical)
  • Art (Professional¬†Art)
  • French (Language and Culture)
  • ICT (Computer Components, functions, and more)
  • History (Culture)

These are subjects I have come to admire and I’d think that I would get a pretty good result on my future exams.

Class of 2016

After an emotional farewell, here is the video made of some of your years here at West Thornton.

Have a great Summer – be safe and have fun, ready to work hard at your new schools in September.

Miss Arli

Welcome to the WTPA Alumni Blog

This is our first blog where we will be inviting ex-WTPA students to blog about their learning as they move onto the next stage in their education.

We will look forward to hearing about your experiences, how WTPA has helped you become a better learner and what you have learnt since you left!

Miss Arli