Welcome to the WTPA Alumni Blog

This is our first blog where we will be inviting ex-WTPA students to blog about their learning as they move onto the next stage in their education.

We will look forward to hearing about your experiences, how WTPA has helped you become a better learner and what you have learnt since you left!

Miss Arli


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  1.   Prince on July 20th, 2016          Reply

    Thanks for adding this blog for us old Year 6’s, Miss Arli!


  2.   16samuela on July 22nd, 2016          Reply

    Thanks so much for doing it for us older pupils.


  3.   David on October 21st, 2016          Reply

    Thanks for adding all of us Miss Arli :]


  4.   Charlie on November 1st, 2016          Reply

    I am so great full for what i learnt at west thorton and now i know that time flys when your having fun.


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