Secondary School…

I now go to Wilson’s School and I have to say, there is a MASSIVE difference between Primary and Secondary School. In Wilson’s, most of it is about independence, as I have to change between lessons in 5 minutes and remember everything, so that’s not too different. Also, I have to carry a bag full of books and loads of things everyday (whereas in West ThorntonĀ I just carried a packed lunch), and there’s a huge difference of the weight of the bags. Another change is that I have to walk to the tram stop, which takes about 5 mins, get on the bus and get to school which takes about 20 mins, and then walk a bit more, which takes another 5 mins, totaling up to half an hour, and before it just took me a 5 mins walk. I also have a lot of subjects (about 15 in total) and I’m learning new things like German and the Oboe (which is an instrument) and me and the rest of Year 7 have already done one concert and we’re currently practicing for a new one in school as well! So I am coming across many new challenges and will have more to face in the future, but I hope that I can succeed at all. I am making many new friends on the way (and I am keeping my friends from West Thornton as well) and hope to see West Thornton in the future as well, with it’s many new improvements and additions. I think West Thornton and my teachers definitely have definitely prepared me for this and my future experiences.


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